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$25 PC Prototype gets award at ARM TechCon

gbl08ma (1904378) writes | about 3 years ago

Open Source 0

gbl08ma writes "The Raspberry Pi project, which aims to create a $25 Linux box, won a award for the category "Best in Show for Hardware Design", at ARM TechCon, even though they haven't yet released any final product (the release will be sometime in late November).
The director of the Raspberry Pi foundation, Eben Upton, shown at the event, demonstrating the capabilities of one of the prototypes that have been built. From advanced graphics at 1080p HD resolution to simple web browsing and desktop productivity, the small boards with ARM-based processors and PoP SDRAM have proven to be very versatile, fast and durable.
The whole Raspberry Pi team and community are very happy for this prize and they all hope this results in big success for the project. Lets just wait for the final boards to be released."

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