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Amazon Gets Publishers to Join Free eBook Library

destinyland (578448) writes | more than 2 years ago

Books 0

destinyland writes "Amazon's convinced major publishers to offer free ebook versions of some of their books in a new lending library for the Kindle. The library — which includes over 5,000 titles, including 100 current and former New York Times best-sellers — lets Kindle owners check out one ebook for free each month, though it's currently available only to members of Amazon's Prime shipping service. "Our ebooks have done incredibly well on Kindle," said the publisher of Lonely Planet travel books, "and this is a great way to showcase our travel expertise to an even broader audience." While Amazon’s getting the cheaper wholesale price, for some books they're still covering the cost themselves “as a no-risk trial to demonstrate to publishers the incremental growth and revenue opportunity that this new service presents," according to one Kindle blog. "But for 'the vast majority' of the library’s ebooks, Amazon’s just negotiated a single flat fee with the publisher for the right to include the book in their lending library.""
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