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Mars Rover Discovers 'A Completely New Thing'

astroengine (1577233) writes | more than 2 years ago

Mars 1

astroengine writes "While looking for a safe place to weather the cold Martian winter, the rover Opportunity spied a subtle yet intriguing feature on the edge of the giant Endeavour crater: a bright vein of light-toned rock piercing the ruddy, rocky surface of a large rise called Cape York. The vein (dubbed "Homestake") may prove to be hard evidence of phyllosilicates — minerals formed in the presence of a watery environment. In short, Opportunity may have found its "Holy Grail.""
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Spirit (1)

RavenManiac (220921) | more than 2 years ago | (#37955126)

Is Spirit still "alive" and able to work?

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