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Wow Computers from First Street?

Keyslapper (852034) writes | more than 2 years ago


Keyslapper (852034) writes "My folks are in their 60's and are on the lookout for a new computer. Being on a fixed income, they're trying to be very careful about spending that kind of money, so they've sent me a few links to check out for them.

The one thing I can't get any real useful information on is the "Wow Computer" by First Street []. Google turns up nothing but reviews and infomercial style testimonials about how "Wow changed my life". Unsolicited reviews or reports of personal experiences are very hard to find.

The company was founded as "Technobrands" in 1988, and the BBB gives them an A- with 31 complaints (all apparently resolved), 22 of which are related to product or service issues. This is all I can find so far.

The systems look very impressive on the website, boasting a reasonable spec list and a Linux based OS — which one isn't made entirely clear.

The website makes a lot of promises and markets hard to the elderly, even using AARP to peddle them. If it weren't for AARP pushing them, I'd say it smacks of an elderly ripoff. Still, I need to know if anyone on /. has seen these systems in action, and how usable are they for older folks? How reliable are they? When there are problems, how responsive is First Street / Technobrands?"

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Get something known.... (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#37976856)

Or at least be prepared to wipe it out and put Windows on it. Seriously, when some site trys to sell me the "seemless" experience with some important features (like excel support) "coming soon", I'd just move to something that supports Excel today and that's Microsoft Windows. Your parents aren't wanting to relearn how to use their computer. They just want one that can keep up with the times. So make sure that the specs are decent and that graphics are as high as their budget can afford (or you can afford to upgrade). That's where it's going to be the most important in this FLV/WebGL driven world we now live in. So in otherwords, "Dude, get them a Dell.."
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