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Computer more accurate than human doctor at breast

MrSeb (471333) writes | more than 2 years ago

Medicine 5

MrSeb writes "Computer scientists and pathologists at Stanford University now have a computer system that can look a tissue sample and diagnose breast cancer more accurately than a human doctor. The computer system, called C-Path (Computational Pathologist), even went one step further and identified previously-undiscovered cellular structures that can be used by computers and humans alike to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer patients in the future. C-Path replaces the human looking down the microscope and uses computer vision to look for the same cancerous indicators. All told, C-Path uses 6,642 cellular factors (compared to the handful used by human doctors). The researchers hope that C-Path can improve cancer diagnosis and prognosis, bring advanced medicine to developing countries, and hopefully improve pre-cancerous screening to prevent cancer in the first place."
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Title (1)

MrSeb (471333) | more than 2 years ago | (#38011438)

Quite a lot of the title got snipped off. I couldn't find a more succinct way of putting it :(

Re:Title (1)

Schlopper (413780) | more than 2 years ago | (#38012120)

I would rate the title slightly misleading at breast...

Re:Title (1)

Oswald McWeany (2428506) | more than 2 years ago | (#38012244)

Don't want to sound a jerk- but need to get this off my chest. You sound a right boob making puns like that. No-one is going to titter over that; although some might try to milk it.

Re:Title (1)

MrSeb (471333) | more than 2 years ago | (#38013220)

Well, that's not cool -- you didn't leave any puns for me :(

Re:Title (1)

Oswald McWeany (2428506) | more than 2 years ago | (#38013494)

Bra-Humbug! Down with the pun-knockers.

Does that mean I win the cup?

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