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What's keeping you on Windows?

tearmeapart (674637) writes | more than 2 years ago

Desktops (Apple) 11

tearmeapart writes "It may be time again for another discussion/flamewar on the reasons why a lot of us are (still) using Microsoft. The last big discussion on Slashdot was close to 10 years ago, and a lot has changed since then:

  • Windows XP and 7 have proven to be stable (and memories of Windows ME are mostly gone)
  • There are many more distributions for Linux, esepecially commercial options
  • Distributions like Ubuntu and CentOS have made GNU/Linux more friendly
  • Options for word processing, spreadsheets, etc. have grown
  • Apple and their products have changed considerably. However, their philosophy has not seemed to changed.
  • Microsoft Silverlight came and is on the way out.
  • Wine and solutions like Transgaming have matured.

However, many things have not changed, like the Microsoft FUD war, the BSDs' installation UI, and the sky is the limit for Linux (except when it comes to the year of the Linux desktop).

So... why are a lot of us still using Windows? What would it take for us to switch?"

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It is the standard. (1)

Oswald McWeany (2428506) | more than 2 years ago | (#38015088)

I use it because it is what I use at work.
I program .NET primarily- wouldn't make sense to write .NET apps on an Apple or Linux (although, I hear you can).
It is the standard.
It is cheaper than Apple.
I don't like Apple.
It is easier to find help with.
I'm secretly scared of penguins.

All that said- after Vista I almost did leave Windows behind for my home PC and switch to Linux. Vista was just too flakey and crashed every time I did anything.

Windows 7 won me back though.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (1)

Kupfernigk (1190345) | more than 2 years ago | (#38015120)

My customers use it. They are not going to use PostgreSQL, MySQL or Oracle, so don't bother posting about the alternatives.

What it would take to swap... (1)

Oswald McWeany (2428506) | more than 2 years ago | (#38015172)

As for what it would take for me to leave Windows.

One of three things.

1) Microsoft to screw something up royaly (cost or stability).

2) Critical mass to move elsewhere to make something else the standard.

3) A competing operating system filling a need that I have that Windows doesn't meet or do well at.

Currently Windows isn't too expensive- is the standard and does everything I need fairly well.

The thought of... (2)

slowLearner (2498468) | more than 2 years ago | (#38015738)

...trying to teach my wife to use whatever other OS.

Re:The thought of... (1)

mcgrew (92797) | more than 2 years ago | (#38016822)

KDE is easier for an XP user to learn than Win 7 is. Have you ever tried any other OS?

KDE has a lot more user-friendly touches than Windows. Bluetooth is hit and miss on my Win 7 computer, works flawlessly in kubuntu. You have to reboot Windows at least once a month (patch Tuesday) and sometime more often (when a 3rd party app needs a patch and reboot). Linux only needs a reboot if you're replacing the kernel or installing a different distro. And if you do reboot it, it comes back in the same state it was when you shut it off, with all the apps and files that were open when you shut it down opened back up. And BTW, this is the default, but changeable; you can make it act retarded like Windows if you want.

KDE's version of MS's Control Panel is far simpler than MS'.

There is no AV needed for either Mac or Linux, which speeds up the system quite a bit. And it also means that you don't have to keep buying virus definition tables.

Windows has the Registry, which grows daily, making your PC slower and slower as time goes by. Linux doesn't do this; my kubuntu install is as snappy as it was when I installed it last year, while my two month old Win 7 notebook is already slowing down. With Windows, you pretty much have to reinstall it every year just to get the damned registry to a manageable size. Oh, and of course you have to reinstall all your apps when you reinstall Windows. With a Linux install, almost all if not all of the apps you need are installed with the OS.

And, Linux is far more hardware fault-tolerant. And FREE.

Starcraft 2 (1)

ToiletBomber (2269914) | more than 2 years ago | (#38016058)

Starcraft 2. If they ever make it for native linux, then I'll switch in a heartbeat.

Why indeed... (1)

mcgrew (92797) | more than 2 years ago | (#38016656)

Windows XP and 7 have proven to be stable

My month-old win7 starter notebook locked up tight as a drum the day before yesterday. Had to pull the battery to get it rebooted.

There are many more distributions for Linux, esepecially commercial options

True, but there were plenty ten years ago. Actually, the only new ones I can think of off the top of my head are Ubuntu/kubuntu.

Distributions like Ubuntu and CentOS have made GNU/Linux more friendly

I never did like GNOME, which is why I'm running kubuntu on my main bx right now. However, I'm going back to Mandriva, the old Mandrake was far more useable than kubuntu.

Options for word processing, spreadsheets, etc. have grown

Um, well, ten years ago there were several Windows based office suites, now there is MS Office and Star/Open/Libre Office (which are really the same suite). And In August 1999 version 5.2 of StarOffice was made available free of charge; over ten years ago. No more Linux options than then, but far fewer Windows options since then.

Apple and their products have changed considerably.

Not in any meaningful way -- they're still superior to Windows, and still out of financial reach of most consumers.

Microsoft Silverlight came and is on the way out.

And... what's your point? That people run Windows because of a Windows platform that practically nobody used?

So... why are a lot of us still using Windows?

Most people are using Windows for the same reason they always did -- it came with their computer, and they fear having to learn (not knowing that a switch to KDE from XP has less of a learning curve than a switch from XP to 7).

Games and... (1)

emkyooess (1551693) | more than 2 years ago | (#38016686)

Big #1: Wine/etc doesn't work well-enough for me for gaming.
Medium #2: Microsoft Office is FAR superior to all the others. (I'm in the minority that actually use all the little features and Outlook.)
Small #3: GUI coding tools. (Not IDEs, but coding GUIs).
Tiny #4: And little things like polish that Linux lacks: [near] universal copy/paste; OLE; a decent permission system (NTFS/NTLM permissions are far more usable than owner/group/user), and so on.

If not for #s 1 and (to a lesser extend) 2, I could live without the rest and learn ways around them.

Gaming (1)

JustNiz (692889) | more than 2 years ago | (#38017530)

At home: Gaming is my only reason.
I use Linux for anything serious and everything else. if games developers would release native Linux versions I'd dump Windows in a second and never look back.

At Work: We develop software-heavy aviation products. Nearly all our products and tools are Linux based. I have to dual-boot Windows and Linux only because our stupid IT department and the clueless non-technical people buying some of the corporate tools we use are too stupid to understand what we developers actually use, and they also think PC==Microsoft.

Using Linux for our corporate servers would be a massive improvement for all but would blow the tiny mind of the head of our IT dept. as he is Microsoft's bitch, so the whole corporation struggles on with a crappy environment.

What's keeping me on Windows? (1)

fireman sam (662213) | more than 2 years ago | (#38019846)

The suction cups on my paws.

From Garfield.

One reason. (1)

tibman (623933) | more than 2 years ago | (#38019894)

Games and Steam. That is all. I use libre/open office, gimp, firefox, and everything else i would use on a linux desktop.

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