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Physical input devices for developers?

paysonwelch (2505012) writes | more than 2 years ago


paysonwelch writes "Dear Slashdot, All I want for Christmas is.. Just joking. I am a developer and entrepreneur and I am considering developing a very graphically rich and custom interface for my latest application which does charting and analysis of large data sets. The application would feature lots of gauges, knobs and levers. As I was thinking about this I said to myself, why not hook up physical knobs and levers to my computer to control my application instead of designing them in 2D bitmaps? This could potentially save screen space and provide tactile feedback, and a new way of interacting digitally with one's application and data. So my question is whether or not anyone out there has advice for building a custom solution, perhaps starting with a mixing board, or if there are any pre-fab kits / controllers for achieving this?"

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You mean like these? (1)

djbckr (673156) | more than 2 years ago | (#38032124)

These [] are geared toward music, but control surfaces abound for this venue. Many can be programmed for custom applications.
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