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Why Ford Just Became A Software Company

gManZboy (721688) writes | more than 2 years ago


gManZboy writes "Sometime early next year, Ford will mail USB sticks to about 250,000 owners of vehicles with its advanced touchscreen control panel. The stick will contain a major upgrade to the software for that screen. With it, Ford breaks the model in which the technology in a car essentially stayed unchanged from assembly line to junk yard--and Ford becomes a software company.

This shift created a hot new tech job at Ford: human-machine interface engineers--people who come from a range of backgrounds, from software development to mechanical engineers, and who can live in the worlds of art and science at once."

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A little background info... (1)

mrquagmire (2326560) | more than 2 years ago | (#38066436)

The summary is a little misleading. This is not a "major upgrade" - it is a complete rewrite of the MyFord Touch system. You see, for their first attempt, Ford decided to outsource the project to a company called BSQUARE who put the UI together using Adobe Flash Lite (the base OS is MS Auto 4.0). Needless to say, the results were slightly [] less [] than [] stellar [] .

Anyway, Microsoft itself is supposedly helping with the rewrite and Ford is doing the rest in-house so those of us who have been dealing with this awful system for the last year are at least a little hopeful.
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