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Disk library solutions?

fikx (704101) writes | more than 2 years ago

Media 1

fikx (704101) writes "How do slashdotters manage large collections of disks? I'm hoping for a way to manage a large collection of movies that would give me menu type access to the content and the only consumer device left seems to be the Sony disk changer that is discontinued. I would have thought that handling disks would have been a solved problem and on sale in many forms, but I guess not....have slashdotters found or built solutions? or has this problem gone the way of the typewriter?"

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Content owners made this harder on purpose (1)

Artifex (18308) | more than 2 years ago | (#38182204)

Storing DVD content on hard drives is actually the most compact way to store DVDs in usable form. Yet they've gone after solutions for the consumer to rip and store their own DVDs. Kaleidescape [] , for example, was in a lawsuit for almost three years [] over its high-end DVD jukebox/server that cached to a drive, before finally winning its case. In the meantime, streaming services like Netflix's have become extremely popular. (Of course, with streaming services, you have much less flexibility in using the content even if you "own" it instead of rent it, and you are always at risk of the services changing rules on you or going out of business.)

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