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Give your TV, gadget, or robot a new brain

MrSeb (471333) writes | more than 2 years ago

Robotics 0

MrSeb writes "Have you ever looked at your television and wished it was a little more intelligent? Or how about your sad, wall-butting first-generation Roomba; wouldn’t it be nice to upgrade his sensors and give his piddly brain a little more oomph? Well, with Brainlink you can do just that. Brainlink is an external computer that connects any IR-controlled device to your Android phone, or Windows or Mac PC — and from there, your Android device either acts as an additional brain, or as a touchscreen remote control. There's an easy-to-use API, Java libraries, and sample apps that you can use to get started with — and of course, if you write an Android app to control your gadget, you can use its speech recognition and accelerometer/gyro sensors, too. For the truly adventurous hacker, the firmware on the Brainlink dongle itself is open source and hackable, too, meaning you could program it directly to give your Roomba (or TV), a new, autonomous lease of life."
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