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Verizon adds $2 charge for paying your bill online

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 2 years ago

Technology 2

An anonymous reader writes "With 2012 about to start, it seems Verizon has decided paying your bill online or over the phone is now worthy of an extra charge. So, from January 15, anyone choosing to pay their monthly bill using either method will incur a $2 charge.

Verizon is classing the charge as a “convenience fee” which translates into them deciding allowing you to pay either online or over the phone is a convenience. They also explain in the FAQ above that the fee allows them, “to continue to support these bill payment options.” Really, Verizon? When did offering online payments or accepting phone calls from customers get so much more expensive?"

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how does this affect existing long term contracts? (1)

schwit1 (797399) | more than 2 years ago | (#38524804)

If you have a 24 month contract does this give you grounds for immediate cancellation?

Re:how does this affect existing long term contrac (1)

Stirling Newberry (848268) | more than 2 years ago | (#38524860)

This is about trying to back door a charge on credit cards to recoup the merchant fee, without violate the letter of their agreements with the credit card carriers not to charge a fee. Mail, after all, is a check, which is cash. Most online or phone transactions, involve a merchant fee to Verizon.
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