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ALL Ur EMRs belong to us. Happy New Year from Goog

turing0 (551406) writes | more than 2 years ago

Your Rights Online 0

turing0 writes "As a former bioinformatics researcher and CTO I have some sad news to start 2012 with. Though I am sure not a surprise to the /. crowd — it appears we — or our demographic — made up more than 75% of the Google Health userbase.

Today marks the end of Google Health ( Also se this post for the official Google announcement and lame excuse for the reasoning behind this myopic decision: (

The decision of Google to end this excellent service is a fantastic example of what can represent the downside of cloud services for individuals and enterprises. The cloud is great when and while your desired application is present — assuming it's secure and robust — but you are at the mercy of the provider for longevity.

I am surprised to see Google abandoning Google Health just when we can see the benefit to personal health when micro sensors such as the Nike Plus and Jawbone's UP ( bracelet are entering the market. Greater amounts personal health data can be gathered now via smartphone and then turned into valuable preventative as well as useful diagnostic medical information.

Shuttering Google Health is a surprising and short sited decision on Google's behalf imho. Perhaps closing the Google Health service is not "Evil" per se — but given the immense magnitude of financial resources at Google I cannot believe Google Health will make a decimal place of impact on Google's operating costs.
Services like Google Health are a fantastic public relations tool as well as an amazing potential source of raw scientific data if nothing else. In closing it's very funny to note Google refers Google Health users to migrate GH data the Microsoft Health Vault See:

Hopefully some other web service other than Health Vault will rise from the ashes of Google Health.

The real benefit in terms of Google being a custodian of my health and wellness records via Google Health was that Google as a corporation is considered a trustworthy intermediary by most users and health care professionals. Now I am not so sure... Perhaps it's time to re-claim my email..."

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