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Teachers resist high-tech push in Idaho schools

Jack W (58681) writes | more than 2 years ago

Technology 0

Jack W writes "Front page story in this morning's NY Times highlights current issue of who & what influences the teaching & learning in our public school classrooms and proper role of technology. The Idaho governor and his state school superintendent are advocating a legislative bill for a massive infusion of computers and on-line technology in schools and is meeting resistance from state teachers, particularly the part that requires high school students to take online courses for two of their 47 graduation credits. Superintendent Luna is quoted as saying, the computer "becomes the textbook for every class, the research device, the advanced math calculator, the word processor and the portal to a world of information." A former Marine who is now a high school teachers is somewhat featured. She says her experience with online course has been less than inspiring leaving her less informed than in-person classes. Ms. Rosenbaum doesn't see how students could muster the discipline to sit in front of a computer and follow along when she has "to work each minute to keep them engaged." The article noted that the governor had received campaign contributions from technology companies and that Apple and Intel had played a part in drafting the bill. The article concludes with a quote from one of Ms Rosebaum's English students, "I'd rather learn from a teacher." What do my friends in Slashdot world think?"
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