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Windows Admins Need To Prepare for GUI-Less Server

msmoriarty (195788) writes | more than 2 years ago


msmoriarty (195788) writes "We knew Windows Server 8 was going to be a departure for Microsoft, including an "optional" GUI, but in a blog post made earlier this week, the Windows Server team said that working without the GUI will be the "recommended" method, and is telling developers not to assume a GUI will be present. According to Windows consultant and author Don Jones, this is a big hint to Windows admins that they better get used to not having a GUI in future releases. From the article: "I'm well aware that many Windows admins out there aren't looking forward to a GUI-less server operating system from Microsoft...I'm sure Microsoft has, too.They're proceeding anyway.We have two choices: adapt or die.""
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Damn! (1)

bbecker23 (1917560) | more than 2 years ago | (#38680326)

If I'd have known that knowing my way around a command line would make me more qualified than "many Windows admins", I'd have saved that tuition money.

For Sale: BS in Computer Science (Lightly Used)
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