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UK - TvShack - O'Dwyer US extradition to go ahead

Ajehals (947354) writes | more than 2 years ago

United Kingdom 0

Ajehals writes "Loz Kaye — Pirate Party UK Leader:

By supporting the baseless US extradition case against Richard O'Dwyer today at Westminster Magistrates Court the judge Judge Quentin Purdy has failed to inject the much needed shot of rationality into the insanity of the UK-US extradition arrangements we had all hoped for. The Sheffield student is accused of infringing copyright by setting up the popular UK-based website TV Shack.

TV shack provided a catalogue of links to other sites, with no illegal material available from it at any time. As the server was based in the UK, Richard's lawyer has pointed out that there is simply no valid reason to send a young British citizen to face a court in the US.

This outcome is a failure on the part of our British justice system to act in a sensible and reasonable way. This case is the perfect example of what enforcing copyright is; excessive, overblown and aimed at easy targets innocent or not whilst ignoring the human.

So, this is what protecting your copyright has come to mean. Accepting unacceptable human collateral like Richard O'Dwyer."

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