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Facebook to share private data

tomhudson (43916) writes | more than 2 years ago

Facebook 1

tomhudson writes "If you're still looking for a reason to hate Facebook, allthingsd is reporting that Facebook has agreed to share users PRIVATE data with Politico.

Most notably, the Facebook-Politico data set will include Facebook users’ private status messages and comments.

every post and comment — both public and private — by a U.S. user that mentions a presidential candidate’s name will be fed through a sentiment analysis tool

Yes, they claim it will be anonymized. We've seen that doesn't really work in real life."
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Isn't this old news? (1)

davidzimm (1528657) | more than 2 years ago | (#38718458)

1. Facebook has already admitted that apps have access to a massive amount of user data 2. With the recent (couple months ago) changes I can see friend-of-friends status updates as long as they are a friend of mine. This is why I just send Twitter (which I already know is public) to facebook (which I can't trust with anything private.
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