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Slashdot joins SOPA protest in last minute decisio

eparker05 (1738842) writes | more than 2 years ago


eparker05 (1738842) writes "The well known tech news aggregator Slashdot made a late Tuesday decision to join the SOPA/PIPA blackout protest. Readers of the site overwhelmingly support the decision and see it as a necessary step to prevent pervasive censorship. Slashdot is known for it's continued support of anonymous posting by users and has come out strongly in opposition of internet censorship in the past. Still, this is the first time that Slashdot has closed it's doors in protest of a piece of legislation.

Note: this has not happened yet! Vote this story up and show the editors that we want them to show solidarity against SOPA/PIPA !"

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Hm... stamping our feet in anger? (1)

sznupi (719324) | more than 2 years ago | (#38733102)

If "Readers of the site overwhelmingly support the decision" then one might also wonder what impact this might have... (Wiki, Reddit, Wordpress, or Cheezburger otoh... and I wonder what will come out of mulling of Google, FB, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon, or Ebay; if blackouts, then also possibly riots)

Re:Hm... stamping our feet in anger? (1)

eparker05 (1738842) | more than 2 years ago | (#38733584)

How many Reddit users are out there pouting because of their move. The impact really has nothing to do with /. readers. This morning the SOPA blackout was covered on my local morning news. People who would never even considering getting info from slashdot or reddit are hearing about this protest. Yes the 800lb gorilla is Wikipedia, but strength comes from numbers and Slashdot is influential enough that local media organizations (many of which rely on sites like slashdot for their tech beat) will take notice.

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