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Redbox says NO to Warner Bros

tekgoblin (1675894) writes | more than 2 years ago

Movies 0

tekgoblin writes "Nearly 2 years have passed since Redbox and many others had to deal with Warner Bros. Studio policy to delay new releases titles being rented for 28 days. Warner had a deal in place with Redbox where they would delay the release of their films for 28 days in exchange for lower acquisition costs and a steady flow of Blu-ray discs, but the rental company decided to draw the line when Warner wanted them to wait 56 days. Warner is clearly making this move to help bolster new release sales that are on decline when compared to rental figures. Warner maintains that longer delay windows will “encourage” more people to purchase discs and store them in UltraViolet’s cloud-based digital lockers or rent them on VOD. Redbox will now have to purchase movies at regular retail cost with no current reliable stream of supply and that could spell future price increases on their service. On the bright side, consumers will now be able to rent movies from Redbox when those titles go on sale without any delay, except for stock availability."
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