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Ask Slashdot: How to become paperless?

THE_WELL_HUNG_OYSTER (2473494) writes | more than 2 years ago


THE_WELL_HUNG_OYSTER (2473494) writes "I've had numerous ADF scanners over the years, and all of them jam or grab multiple pages at a time (thereby missing pages). Like you, I've got years of tax returns and legal documents to scan, but with these kinds of barriers, it would take months to scan everything. Enterprise-grade machines cost 5 figures. How do Slashdotters become paper-free?"

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Kinkos (1)

apraetor (248989) | more than 2 years ago | (#39005705)

You pay to use their equipment, but you can do the actual scanning -- to make certain that nothing is left behind or left out.

Re:Kinkos (1)

THE_WELL_HUNG_OYSTER (2473494) | more than 2 years ago | (#39006325)

I went to "Kinkos" (now FedEx) and they wanted $1/page to scan. For that price, I could buy my own 5-figure scanner.

Paperless? (1)

TimGJ (1574835) | more than 2 years ago | (#39006327)

Having worked around computers since shortly after Xerox first suggested the idea of a paperless office I'm unimpressed by the idea and therefore religiously file everything that comes in and copies of all my outward letters etc. However, just because I file all my incoming mail that doesn't mean that I don't also scan it. I originally wrote (very simple) DIP software under Python/Linux, but these days use Nitro PDF to create PDFs direct from my scanner. Given that I only get a limited amount of post or other items which need to be scanned then it only takes a few minutes at most per day to maually scan everything. On those occasions when I have many documents or pages to scan I put something undemanding but enjoyable (e.g. classic 'Doctor Who' or old Sci Fi movies like 'The Quatermass Experiment') on in a window on my PC and watch that as I scan. I then have PDFs of all my inbound and outbound correspondence on both my PC but also synced with my NAS and my laptop. Which is great if ever you need to look something up or are dealing with some recalcitrent authority. One minor point, though, is if you have all your mail stored on your laptop encrypt the disk with something like TrueCrypt to reduce your vulnerability to identity theft.
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