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Encrypted P2P Voip

shaitand (626655) writes | more than 2 years ago

Privacy 3

shaitand (626655) writes "I've been combing the web and have yet to find what I think is pretty much a basic operation for secure digital voice. Communication must be encrypted from end to end not decrypted and recrypted at the server. This also should be supported by major phone platforms such as android, blackberry, and iphone. Or at least android. Does anyone know of such a beast? A search for android security apps gives no gpg, no secure im, no secure voip, no tor, no truecrypt like plausible deniability whole os encryption, no stenography, just lists of anti-virus and password vaults. Where is the real mobile security?"

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SIP with TLS & MSec (2)

apdyck (1010443) | more than 2 years ago | (#39015277)

I work for a major telecommunications provider. VoIP phones utilizing SIP can be configured to use TLS for end-to-end security, and Media Security for encrypting peer-to-peer communications. SIP supports fairly good security. The hard part would be finding a provider that supports TLS and MSEC.

Skype does this (1)

BLKMGK (34057) | more than 2 years ago | (#39018567)

Skype is encrypted end to end (and P2P) although with the Microsoft buyout and the changes they're making who knows what will happen...

Re:Skype does this (1)

shaitand (626655) | more than 2 years ago | (#39101441)

Once upon a time that was true. Now Skype has the private keys and allows government and leo to bug your calls. [] []

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