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Ask Slashdot: Best mobile phone solution without data plan

clorkster (1996844) writes | more than 2 years ago


clorkster (1996844) writes "I am looking to upgrade my mobile phone. I have always bought the cheapest possible phone with the least features since I only use it to make calls and text. Further, I am opposed to paying for internet access twice and my home access is certainly more important and necessary. I am now running into the issue that my phone is too archaic to receive text messages from newer smart phones (they somehow become picture messages). Any thoughts on a good smart phone without data plan or an almost smart phone solution?"

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Archaic? Nah... (2)

thechemic (1329333) | more than 2 years ago | (#39141033)

Your old "archaic" phone doesn't have any issues receiving text messages. The reason that you sometimes receive a text as an MMS (picture message) is because iPhone users send group texts. When they "reply to all" the iPhone IMPROPERLY sends the reply as an MMS rather an individual SMS (text) messages to each recipient. Because your perceived issue is actually due to your iPhone-using friends, purchasing a new phone will not solve this problem. You should instead rag on all of your friends and let them know how much their crappy iPhone inconveniences you. Continue on with this snarky campaign until the iPhone is dead: like it's creator.

I just did (1)

graphius (907855) | more than 2 years ago | (#39144149)

I had a cheap phone stolen a while ago, and I am (obviously on /.) a bit of a techie, so I too wanted a cheap smart phone without the boat anchor of a data plan. I got an OK phone (HTC Wildfire S) free with unlimited text, enough minutes to keep me happy, and a bunch of extras for $35 per month. I find that most places now have free wi-fi. In fact my home ISP is planning on rolling out city wide wi-fi, so I will really have no need for a data plan.
It is nice to be able to use the phone, not only for text (with a better keyboard than an old dumb phone) but as a calendar, ebook reader, newspaper, weather, GPS, etc.

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