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Bechtel's management of US weapons labs like DMV crossed with Goldman Sachs

Harperdog (1754264) writes | more than 2 years ago

Government 0

Harperdog writes "Hugh Gusterson has a blistering critique of the management style at top U.S. weapons labs, including Livermore, Sandia and Los Alamos. Here's a quote: "One senior manager at Livermore suggested to me that Bechtel's management style — which tends to combine the worst aspects of the Department of Motor Vehicles and Goldman Sachs — had broken the dedication of many scientists and, while they did not leave, nor did they feel the need to work long hours. "I don't see many lights on at night any more," he said. It would be interesting to survey scientists on overtime worked since Bechtel took the reins. And according to The New York Times' Bay Area edition, the number of peer-reviewed articles published at Livermore declined from 1,400 in 2005, before Bechtel took the helm, to 800 in 2010 under Bechtel. That doesn't sound like an organization with stable morale." Good article also reviews testimony on the labs given to the House Armed Services Committee."
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