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Most Companies Blame Employees for Data Breaches

wiredmikey (1824622) writes | more than 2 years ago

Security 0

wiredmikey (1824622) writes "The human element. It’s something information security professionals lose sleep over and just can’t seem to get under control. But the threat from careless or uninformed employees to an organization's security posture is not new to any IT professional.

Interestingly, new research shows just how much blame IT departments are putting on employees for their security mishaps. According to the report, "The Human Factor in Data Protection", over 78 percent of respondents place blame on employee behavior, both intentional and accidental, for at least one data breach within their organizations over the past two years.

According to the study, the top three root causes of these breaches are employees' loss of a laptop or other mobile data-bearing devices (35%), third party mishaps or “flubs” (32%) and system glitches (29%).

Almost 70 percent of those surveyed said they either agree or strongly agree that their organization's current security activities are not enough to stop a targeted attack or hacker. Another recent study showed that more than half of workers don’t always follow or are unaware of their company’s security policies.

So are these incidents all the fault of employees or are they sometimes left helpless?"

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