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LSD can treat alcoholism

ananyo (2519492) writes | more than 2 years ago

Medicine 1

ananyo (2519492) writes "LSD has potential as a treatment for alcoholism, according to a comprehensive retrospective analysis of studies published in the late 1960s and early 1970s (

The researchers sifted through thousands of records to collect data from randomized, double-blind trials that compared one dose of LSD to a placebo. Of 536 participants in six trials, 59% of people receiving LSD reported lower levels of alcohol misuse, compared to 38% of people who received a placebo (full paper (PDF) The study adds to the weight of evidence that hallucinogenic drugs may have important medical uses, including, for example, the alleviation of cluster headaches ("

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News? (1)

eyenot (102141) | more than 2 years ago | (#39299419)

I thought this was proposed, tested, and rejected, thoroughly and soundly, back in the late fifties. Then the CIA took an interest in the "side effects" and rEasons it was rejected, and tested it with a mind toward truth serum. It didn't do to well as that, so they tried it as a battle conditioner. Failing that, one guy in the CIA asked to try it with their artichoke program and ended up creating the monster known as monarch, later mk-ultra. According to court records the program was sued in Canada for dosing elementary school children with it and sexually molesting them in order to create what they were finding was an optimal psychological background for forcibly creating dissociative personality and multiple personality disorder, formulaically. These conditions were necessary for the end result of adults whose minds contain alternatuve personalities that are hypnotically programmed to kill, or fuck, commit suicide, or memorize and recite codes. The core persknality would also be hypnotically prepared to change to one of these alter personalities upon receiving specially prepared triggers. Allegedly the program was stopped when LSD began showing up in agents' coffee because the guys heading up the program were told they'd have free reign of testing surreptitiously. An agent freaked and jumped out of an office window and it caused an obviously unwanted scene. The technology had become common knowledge to many other governments, though, because of its effectiveness albeit limited. Once the programming methods were understood, the Chinese would try deprogramming any suspected hypnotic spies, and foundnit fairly easy. They woukd reprogram these people as their own double spies, and the Chinese conditioning was found harder to break, which is bad news. There is no telling, really, who if anyone is currently programmed using the same process or for what purposes. It's not likely something that disappeared just because the CIA decided to stop using it in the open. It makes more sense to dothis to someone in another country anyway, especially when the best result is obtained not through life-and-health threatening torture of adults (an alternative that can threaten to fall apart and result in the personalities becoming inter-aware contiguous with the core) but through the sexual molestation of children under the influence of LSD. Makes me wonder what so many of our elected representatives and other personnel have been doing so openly going overseas to buy sex from trafficked children. Anyways, the whole guilt-trip tripping people out of drinking by confronting them with the complaints of their alcoholically abused families was supposedly the last stage of the LSD cure forndrinking that was tried and failed. But this was decades after the US began messing with hypnotic couriers in World War I, and then expanded upon it in World War II. In case it sounds toonfar out to you, check out: projects artichoke, bluebird, monarch, mk-ultra, anton mesmer, and then head to foia at to pull up the documents on mk-ultra and see how many juicy names you can tease out from behind the oldschool black sharpie blotouts. Nothing countless others havent done, and, unlike investigating the strange Foster suicide, it typically doesn't get you killed or disappeared.

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