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Federal Reserve to Take Itself to the Classroom

wattersa (629338) writes | more than 2 years ago

The Almighty Buck 1

wattersa writes "The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has recently released a lesson plan for K-12 students entitled "Constitutionality of a Central Bank." The full lesson plan (see PDF embedded in article) reviews the constitutional framework cited by the Fed as justification for its existence, as well as various concepts regarding the function of a central bank in controlling inflation and developing other monetary policy. Is this propaganda, as suggested in the article, or is it a legitimate educational program?"
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Transparency in monetary policy... (1)

gVibe (997166) | more than 2 years ago | (#39335427) a goal we should all support. I am curious to just how many Slashdot Americans truly wonder why Congress is so willing to give up its prerogative over our monetary policy. There is no doubt that Congress in essence has ceded total control over the value of our money to a secretive central bank.

The fact is, Congress had nothing to do with creating the Federal Reserve, simply because it had no constitutional authority to do so. It was bankers, and business owners that created, and pitched Congress with the idea of centralized banking for the U.S. Let us not forget that those powers not explicitly granted to Congress by the Constitution are inherently denied to Congress and thus the authority to establish a central bank never was, and still has not been given.

Few understand that our consumption and apparent wealth is dependent on a current account deficit of $800 billion per year. This deficit shows that much of our prosperity is based on borrowing rather than a true increase in production.

I mean...what exactly has the U.S. produced in the last 20 years that really stands out as game changing for the country...Boner Pills, and Happy one can get a boner, and then feel good even when they can't. Absolutely disgraceful.
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