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Is anyone else offended by the 'sugar daddy dating' banner ads?

jdogalt (961241) writes | more than 2 years ago

Advertising 8

jdogalt (961241) writes "I'm honestly just curious to see a comment thread on this one- Are others here as offended as I am by the lack of advertising discretion that seems to have led to a massive influx of the ads with the following text — "Establshed Men. Sugar daddy dating. Where beautiful girls and successful men meet.". Now, I'm not interested the social reality, but rather I'd just like slashdot, for slashdot's sake, to have better taste in ads. I'd be less offended if the quote was a bit more balanced as '/successful men/succuessful boys/"."

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What? (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#39335379)

I haven't seen those. The ads are probably influenced by something that you've seen or clicked on.

Re:What? (1)

jdogalt (961241) | more than 2 years ago | (#39335529)

nope. I actually have cookies disabled in my main firefox browser, and in fact when I log into slashdot, I run a little script that runs firefox with a fresh profile in a seperate home directory (just to lightly confuse theoretically nefarious plugins). On my main browser, where I do browse other stuff, I was noticing an average of 80% hit rate. When I log in, I see fewer ads on the main page, but only had to refresh once or twice to see the ones in question. Note, this did start within the last 24-48 hours. I hadn't seen them before that. Of course, maybe I'm being targeted based on the IP address my browser is coming from, which I can't easily change.

Re:What? (1)

jdogalt (961241) | more than 2 years ago | (#39335601)

"The ads are probably influenced by something that you've seen or clicked on." (grandparent)

Note, as mentioned above, I use the script below when I log into slashdot(facebook/etc). Just now, I tried launching it 3 times against '', and the first two, yielded the sugar daddy dating ad in question, though not on the top banner, but down on the right column.

If it's a matter of an addition to this script to help me not be targeted, please do advise-

#!/usr/bin/env bash
#rm -rf ${HOME}/.mozilla/firefox/*.trash
rm -rf "${FAKEHOME}"
mkdir -m 700 -p "${FAKEHOME}"
# this didn't seem to work due to some permissions check pulse was doing IIRC
#ln -s ../.pulse ${HOME}/.ztw/.pulse
mkdir -m 700 -p ${FAKEHOME}/.pulse
for file in $( ls -1A ${HOME}/.pulse ); do
        ln -s $( readlink -f ${HOME}/.pulse/${file} ) ${FAKEHOME}/.pulse/${file}
cp -av ${HOME}/.pulse-cookie ${FAKEHOME}/.pulse-cookie
firefox -no-remote -CreateProfile trash
firefox -no-remote -P trash $@
rm -rf "${FAKEHOME}"

Re:What? (1)

jdogalt (961241) | more than 2 years ago | (#39335613)

And note, just as with the two typos that should be fixed in the submission, I meant to emphasize above that in my 2/3 trial, I didn't actually login to slashdot. That was 66% on the front page for an unlogged in account, from a completely fresh firefox profile.

I made a screen copy. (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#39337781)

I see the ad. I made a screen copy [] . Three thoughts:

1) In the U.S., even men are often hostile toward men.

2) In my opinion, the top managers of the company that owns Slashdot have a long record of making poor decisions. I like Slashdot, but wow the managers do dumb things sometimes.

3) In my opinion, using the words "Sugar Daddy" is another way of advertising prostitution.

Re:I made a screen copy. (1)

jdogalt (961241) | more than 2 years ago | (#39387031)

Thanks for the comment. Note, several days later, and anecdotally, I'm still seeing a 50% or greater hit rate, though for scientific purposes I just ran my script above 5 times, and only on the first instance did it hit. Though note also there appears to be a 2nd brand that I also noticed with a similar schtick, I.e. data a millionaire or something like that. Another interesting note, is how probably most of slashdot's core userbase is immune to this because, not being as paranoid as I am (though I realize of all places, I'm not quite the slim majority in this crowd), they predominantly probably read while logged in, with advertising disabled. Which is sad, because I think that core set of readers are the ones that need to see what kind image slashdot is presenting to the masses. I.e. I can't imagine how an average newcomer to slashdot, of exactly the same demographic as the old guard, would not form a generally lesser opinion of slashdot based on ads of this type. To pull out the obvious example, someone with a young daugher that they would like to at least open the world of geekdom and software development to as an option. Traditionally if I were in that situation, slashdot is something I would have been proud to open such a gedanken daughters eyes to. If this lack of discretion in advertising choices continues, it absolutely changes that equation for me. Anyway, to respond to above, since slashdot has awarded me 'the contrarian', I'll say-

(1)- You can't single out the US in any meaningful way here. Treating women badly is just one manifestation of humanity not turning it's back on the cold harsh nature where the physically larger members of the species treat the physically smaller members badly, if the society at large doesn't prevent it.

(2)- I have my own anecdotal feelings of slashdot going downhill in various ways that would sound paranoid if I tried to elaborate, but... I think they should take your (2) at face value, which is what my submission was all about. I.e. "Hey guys, HERE, look at this --> -->... Maybe you need to re-enable your personal advertising disabled toggle, so you can see what kind of ads just started flowing into the system within the last 2 days"

(3) I wouldn't so simply equate it with prostitution, but rather more generally the social dynamic of those larger members of the species (on average) having helpd create a system passed down to us children of humanity, that is millenia old. I.e. there is outright prostitution, then there are social structures where due to literally women being second class citizens with a history of being deprived equal rights (to vote, not be beaten up, etc), they still are at a real financial disadvantage, and often have to "date established men" just to get the kind of food on their plates and other material comforts that men already enjoy. And then if you want to take it the one last further creepy step, one can ponder the literal etymology of the phrase "sugar daddy". I.e. the creepy parent that uses refined chemical substances that cause pleasure, to get undeserved love and cooperation in perhaps even creepier endeavors from their children. But I guess the slashdot advertising managers would just chalk me up as Rush Limbaugh would, as "a nag", for actually considering language so carefully.

Make it optional (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#39338311)

I agree that Slashdot should have a better taste in ads. I have no problem with still image adverts, but recently Slashdot seems to be overflown by porn ads. Either filter the ads you display, or make an option similar to "disable advertising", like "disable porn advertising".

Re:Make it optional (1)

jdogalt (961241) | more than 2 years ago | (#39387059)

Odd. I haven't seen any porn advertising at all, and presumed the reason for such was precisely because the slashdot advertising managers had been excercising discretion. I submitted this, because I just figured that most of the core slashdot userbase ought to be informed, and probably weren't seeing this because they browse while logged in with advertising disabled (which I've been offerred, but because I do 90% of my reading not logged in, I didn't bother to take advantage of).

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