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£22 Raspberry Pi was built improve basic computing skills in schools

asavin (2516080) writes | more than 2 years ago

Education 0

asavin (2516080) writes "In an interview, Eben Upton, the developer of the £22 Raspberry Pi computer, said, ""I was getting really pretty concerned. I was interviewing people to come to Cambridge and I'd had a particular expectation set in my mind from what I remembered from when I was an undergraduate and then seeing the number of people applying, the reduced number of people and the very basic stuff we had to teach them in the first year in order to bring people up to the bar was kind of disturbing."

He adds this about the decline of basic computing skills, "What we actually think had happened was there had been a fall-off in the underlying numbers from the mid-90s but the dotcom boom had masked that because a lot of people had started applying because they thought computer science was a meal ticket. And so it had hidden the true decline, so once the dot com thing went away suddenly you saw a steeper decline and the underlying numbers became visible to us.""

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