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US CTO Built Fortune on Offshoring Health Records

theodp (442580) writes | more than 2 years ago

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theodp (442580) writes "Politico reports that Todd Park, the guy tapped by President Barack Obama to be the nation's next CTO, got a standing ovation from techies at South by Southwest. Park, who starts his new gig this Friday, discussed how he likes to apply 'startup principles I used in the private sector' with his government teams. Politico also noted that Park's co-founding of athenahealth, a medical billing company whose just-beat-the-meltdown IPO gave Park enough walking around money to reportedly ante up $95k in 2008 to Obama-friendly organizations (a donor database shows Park and Obama CIO appointee Steven VanRoekel respectively kicked in $25k and $50k for Obama's 2009 inauguration festivities), saying it 'gives him street cred in a place like SXSW, where scrappy startups, Web enthusiasts and social media mavens gather to talk shop and swap strategies.' At athenahealth, where econ major Todd's CS-savvy brother Ed incidentally held the title of CTO, the strategies employed included offshoring the processing of U.S. health records to India and the Philippines. The SEC had to prod athenahealth into disclosing details of its dependence on offshored operations, which the company later spun as 'Geographic Diversity' at an Investor Summit, explaining that its 292 onshore FTEs and 35 offshore direct FTEs were complemented by 700+ offshore contract FTEs. Hey, the White House said the U.S. CTO is responsible for job creation; it didn't specify where. BTW, Obama won't be the first President that Park works for. Among the selling stockholders listed in athenahealth's 2007 IPO was the George and Barbara Bush Community Property Trust — athenahealth co-founder Jonathan Bush is George H.W. Bush's nephew, and George W. Bush's cousin."

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