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The New iPad Gets 10 Degrees Hotter Than iPad 2

redletterdave (2493036) writes | more than 2 years ago

Apple 1

redletterdave writes "To power all of the features in "the new iPad" and maintain a solid 10 hours of battery life, Apple upgraded the iPad 2's rechargeable lithium-ion battery and made it substantially bigger — about 70 percent. But at what cost? Dutch website ran two GL Benchmarks on a new iPad and an iPad 2 for five minutes each, and then looked at both devices with an infrared camera. The company discovered that the new iPad reached 33.6C (92.5 Fahrenheit), with the hottest region nearby the device's motherboard towards the bottom of the device, while the second-generation model only reached 28.3C (82.9 Fahrenheit). That means on average, the new iPad gets 10 degrees hotter than its predecessor. Now, users worry if the new iPad has the same risks as laptops, which are believed to cause testicular and reproductive dysfunction when they get too hot."
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last sentence is wrong (1)

treeves (963993) | more than 2 years ago | (#39416373)

Laptops do not cause testicular and reproductive dysfunction when they get too hot. They cause testicular and reproductive dysfunction when they get too hot, and you leave them resting on top of your nuts! Don't do that!

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