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Navy Planning to Build Laser Cannon in Four Years

CowboyRobot (671517) writes | more than 2 years ago

The Military 1

CowboyRobot writes "The US Navy is months away from requesting bids from contractors to construct a laser weapon for its ships, now that the technology is feasible. "The key point came last April, when the Navy put a test laser firing a (relatively weak) 15-kilowatt beam aboard a decommissioned destroyer... the Martime Laser Demonstrator cut through choppy California waters, an overcast sky and salty sea air to burn through the outboard engine of a moving motorboat a mile away.""
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Not really news (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#39540121)

... this was tested ages ago, along with the Rods from God tech and prototypes have been tested for a while.

They still haven't found a good solution for the chargeup time and power storage problems.. so it is surprising that they would be planning to build a full scale test model when these problems are still on the table.

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