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GPS and Boobs (1)

canuck57 (662392) | more than 2 years ago | (#39687595)

Always nice to know where the boobs are, but how few people realize how much information can be embedded into photographs and videos....GPS, host keys, IP addresses including upstream routers, your name and anything else it can get/has in it. Can be obfuscated or encrypted too so don't rely in "strings" to detect it.

It is deliberate too as many manufacturers embed this. Microsoft will on any video it touches. And a lot of times it isn't obvious, might be your host key where Microsoft can lookup your IP and registration, maybe right back to the store you bought it and credit card you used. Can be done with SIP phone calls too.

Even hackers miss it.

And why open source is only source I trust with critical stuff even though I don't do anything wrong.....while it too isn't perfect, it isn't as lame on personal security as many commercial devices and OSes.


PatPending (953482) | more than 2 years ago | (#39687947)

Boy busted by busty babe's boobies! Film at 11.
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