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Open Source Electric Cars, Good Idea or Not?

thecarchik (1520545) writes | more than 2 years ago

Open Source 1

thecarchik (1520545) writes "Many are keen on the concept of open source electric cars --that is, electric cars where the built-in software can be tweaked, parameters can be changed, and in theory, the cars can be improved. Only it's a really, really bad idea.

If a car has been designed to do its job, but an open source system lets people tweak it, what happens when the car shuts down in the middle of the highway and causes a pile-up? Or decides one day that it won't open any of the doors for you?

Even carmakers themselves have trouble with software--Fisker has issued a recall and apology recently with its Karma --so allowing average Joe to tweak the car's inner workings seems like a bad idea. Changing the characteristics of an electric car isn't as simple as re-jetting the carbs or swopping out the air filter.."

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not by less than 10000%... (1)

H1000N800 (2620929) | more than 2 years ago | (#39725461)

Only if the skill of drivers increases by a significant factor. Basically if the worst driver today became as skilled as drivers in the top 20-30th percentile range would I even consider this an okay thing to even attempt after tens of thousands of hours of testing. I just don't see most drivers able to avoid rear-ending each other, or to know what to do with a vehicle that does not do what they expect. We have a good example of this in recent history when a car full of people died from one of Toyota's 'stuck' accelerator pedals. I can think of no less than 4 ways to avoid killing everyone in the vehicle from this. 1) put car in neutral 2) turn the ignition switch to 'off' 3) use emergency/parking break to slow down 4) drive on/into shoulder/divider/unpaved area to keep speed down... I'd even rather try to roll the car or do a 180 than try not to hit anything at 140mph... better minor to severe injuries from a roll than something head-on... Most people, from what I've seen don't even know how to take full advantage of ABS, much less would know if it is 'clear' for them to do so, much less know where the front and rear of the vehicle is, or even know how to park the damn thing...
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