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French elections could Affect HADOPI, ACTA

bs0d3 (2439278) writes | more than 2 years ago

Piracy 0

bs0d3 (2439278) writes "France has had a lasting impact on world politics over the past few years, and the same is true when talking about the internet and piracy. From having a position in the development and support of ACTA, to implementation of HADOPI, to imposing an internet tax to pay for music; France has been at the forefront of anti-piracy legislation. This week, it has been announced that current President and anti-piracy advocate Nickolas Sarskoy is unlikely to win the next election. His leading opponent is a man named Francois Hollande. Hollande has in the past opposed both ACTA and HADOPI (France's 3 strikes law). Hollande believes that ACTA, "originally intended to combat counterfeiting trade was gradually diverted from its objective, in the utmost discretion and without any democratic process." At the same time Hollande is also strongly against piracy. "Piracy, has been costly", Hollande said, "but I do not think that law enforcement alone is the answer to the problem". Will internet issues be of concern to the voters in France. It certainly is to the rest of us internet users."

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