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Ask Slashdot: Home IT Rack

jawtheshark (198669) writes | about 2 years ago

Network 1

jawtheshark writes "I'm building a house, and obviously I want a modest network built-in. Nothing fancy, two RJ-45 per room, four in the living room, and that's basically it. I already got myself a rack mountable Cisco Small Business switch and I have a self-built 4U server (low-power, won't make much heat) which can be rack mounted (505mm deep).

Now, the construction company suggests a wall mounted rack (6U: 340mm x 600mm x 480mm — 6U definitely won't be enough, but a 12U model exists). It's not expensive, but I have never worked on a rack where the backside is unreachable. (For work, I get to work in a data center with huge racks that are accessible from both sides). Now obviously, I don't need a data center-grade rack, but these wall-mounted racks scream "switch-only" racks to me. What are your experiences? Is it possible to put servers in racks like these, or should I find a "both-side-accessible" rack instead?"

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Change Your Orientation (1)

thechemic (1329333) | about 2 years ago | (#39851151)

Instead of thinking front and back, think top and bottom. There are racks designed for small spaces that mount equipment vertically instead of horizontally. They bolt right up to a wall. With this configuration, you can have full size servers, routers, and switches in one convenient location. I have a 5U Dell 2900, and a 2U Dell 2950 at home stuff in with some other equipment. It works great. Search for "verticle racks" and similar searches. you may not find a 12U vertical rack, but you can easily put three smaller verticle racks side by side: etc. For us, the laundry room was a great place for this stuff. I had to cut some custom filters for the front of the servers though. The dust bunnies were RIDICULOUS!!!
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