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Scrambls puts control of social media back in the hands of users

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 2 years ago

Encryption 1

An anonymous reader writes "Fun story by Rob Lemos in InfoWorld today... his twitter post offers a good question for slashdot:

"A fight in the making? Service to encrypt social net posts and give users role-based access control"

I love the idea... flip a switch on the browser plug-in to scramble what I'm posting for control and privacy on any social media or website?

I see Facebook, Twitter, etc. both loving and hating this."

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Want to try deleting (retracting) a facebook post (1)

PTOvertime (1465997) | more than 2 years ago | (#39868511)

I like the idea, just read the full article and this point stood out: "The idea behind scrambls is that users need an opportunity to be in control of the content that they've posted," says Steven Sprague, CEO of Wave Systems, a maker of hardware-based digital security systems and the company that incubated scrambls as a startup. "If we believe that social media sites are not a toy, but are really a utility, then there needs to be a mechanism for more secure, more controlled, communication." This beta will be fun to play with.
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