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Objective-C comes of age

IdleThoughts (2637199) writes | more than 2 years ago

Apple 0

IdleThoughts (2637199) writes "Sometimes it takes a long time to spark a revolution. Long the ugly duckling of programming languages, iOS' Objective-C passed C# in the 'TIOBE Programming Community Index this month and seems on a trajectory to overtake C++ in the next few. Invented in the early 1980s by Brad Cox and Tom Love, with the idea of creating "Software Integrated Circuits" and heavily influenced by Smalltalk yet another legacy from Xerox PARC along with Desktop guis, eithernet and laser printers. It was adopted early on by Steve Jobs' NeXTStep, the grand daddy of all that is now OS X. It had to wait however for the mobile device revolution to have it's day however being ideally suited to the limited resources on portable devices being based on C. Unlike Vista though it just keeps getting better and better. Still being actively developed by Apple and others sporting the new automatic reference counting and static analysis in the Clang compiler it now turns out it has supported dynamic patching of code in applications all along. What more surprises does this venerable language have up it's sleeve?"
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