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Chrome the new Inertnet Explorer?

Sla$hPot (1189603) writes | more than 2 years ago

Chrome 0

Sla$hPot (1189603) writes "Why is it that every loving* company that has success, starts loving their customers / users?
Chrome is becoming more and more crappy compared to it's competitors every day.
It appears that the development on chrome as has basically stagnated.
Tab management is pretty much useless, even though it has to be one of the most important browser features.
Is it just me or does anybody else cares about tabs?
Some time ago Slashdot did a poll on tab usage. I might have voted 4-6 tabs at the time. Today it would be more like 50-60.
So every time i restart my computer after system updates and forget to recover the closed tabs...gone!..hurts and anger :(.
New HTML(5) features lack behind all other browsers. Especially canvas.
It appears that the new Google policy is to stop development in an areas where the have achieved a dominant position just like MS did when they ruled? We all know how that went.
Currently my preferred browser is Chrome, but i'm not sure anymore.
Perhaps everyone is just to focused on App development, what ever that is. What's the heaven* is an App anyways?
Btw. it's not fair to call the Internet Explorer inert (anymore). It seems like MS are catching up on internet browsing (apparently because they have to).
I might just be impatient, but i think that to little effort is being put into HTML and browser development, considering how important it is.
The web browser is the single most used App today and HTML will still be here in fifty years, so why not bother to do it right?

*You know what i mean"

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