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OLED TV is a race between countries

ericjones12398 (2604021) writes | about a year ago

Television 0

ericjones12398 writes "Samsung and LG have positioned OLED as the next generation display technology. Both are poised to launch competing models of big, edgy TVs they hope will jumpstart a stagnant, saturated market. But is OLED magic enough to disrupt a space clogged with cheaper, proven LED technology, now established as the brains behind our must-see TV. Time will definitely tell. Even a Samsung executive admitted any serious OLED market penetration would take several years, while scale and market forces eat away at the proposed $9,000 sticker price. Sony and Panasonic have something to say about the future of TV, too. But the two Japanese legends are running behind and have yet to say anything meaningful.
After heralded media and trade show previews, Korean rivals Samsung and LG are racing toward a limited OLED debut later this year. LG is targeting the Summer Olympics — a buffet of expensive programming — as a testing ground. Meanwhile, former Japanese greats Sony and Panasonic are slow cooking plans to better embrace OLED technology and eventually bring it to the masses.
OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TV, with its ultra-thin display, bursting pixels, energy efficiency and minimalist design, has TV gurus raving and financial analysts optimistic. OLED is science fiction to the working class. But while the less fortunate decorate bathrooms with affordable flat panels and dabble in 3D, Sony and Panasonic have time to close the OLED gap. Return to former glory and capture enough future market share to remain relevant."

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