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Diesel-Like Engine Could Boost Fuel Economy By Half

bonch (38532) writes | more than 2 years ago

Technology 1

bonch (38532) writes "Autoparts manufacturer Delphi has developed a diesel-like ignition engine running on gasoline, providing a potential 50 percent efficiency improvement over existing gas-powered engines. Engineers have long sought to run diesel-like engines on gasoline for its higher efficiency and low emissions. Delphi's engine, using a technique called gasoline-direct-injection compression ignition, could rival the performance of hybrid automobiles at a cheaper cost."
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A diesel like engine the runs on gasoline ? (1)

Taco Cowboy (5327) | more than 2 years ago | (#40039161)

No matter how that margarine taste like butter, it just ain't butter

Same thing

A "diesel-like" engine that runs on gasoline just isn't the same as a well-tuned diesel engine

Cut the craps, guys

Stop wasting energy on producing diesel-like engine

Put your time and effort on improving the real diesel engine and make it even more efficient

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