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Debunking the "Google Tax"

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 2 years ago

Software 1

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft recently upped the war of words over which cloud platform is the best for business, with a TechNet blog claiming that Google Apps lacks basic functions and that users have to pay extra — a Google “tax” — to make Google Apps “enterprise-ready”. From one perspective Microsoft has a valid point. If you wanted all the features of Microsoft’s cloud software, Office 365, you would need to add more elements to bring the cheaper Google Apps up to measure. But Microsoft needs to be careful about calling names. As this article explains, while it is true that some features may cost extra in Google Apps, the same is true of Microsoft. Small businesses receive a restricted version of the Microsoft cloud and the full feature set is only available for more than four times the cost of a Google Apps licence."
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Both have additional costs for feature parity (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 2 years ago | (#40138763)

Assuming people actually read the article (or rather the one it links to) it seems pretty clear there are additional costs for each service depending on what you want. If you want Office 365 functionality from Google Apps then yes it's going to cost more...will it cost more than a 365 subscription? Well that depends on what additional features you require, maybe, maybe not. I'd say in a lot of cases probably not if you just need a basic office suite.

They make a fair point that for most situations it won't just be a case of dumping MS/Open/Libre Office and jumping in to a $5 per month per user Google Apps ecosystem, there will be additional costs and some of them may apply to 365 too. It appears the point of it is to avoid having people take the price as presented at face value, that Google Apps @ $5 isn't going to be the same as Office 365 @ $7.90.

NB: I'm sure I'll be called a 'shill' for having first post and it not being anti-Microsoft, even though it's not anti-Google either.

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