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The Poor Waste Their Time on Digital Entertainment

polyphydont (2587221) writes | more than 2 years ago

Technology 1

polyphydont (2587221) writes "Children of parents with low social status are less able to resist the temptations of technological entertainment, a fact that impedes their education and adds to the obstacles such children face in obtaining financial comfort later in life. As explained in the article, poor parents and their children often waste both their time and money on heavily marketed entertainment systems. Such families often accumulate PC's, gaming consoles and smart phones, but use them only for nonconstructive activities."
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Funny, I read the opposite (1)

scorp1us (235526) | more than 2 years ago | (#40158683)

Many years ago (check my UID), there was an article on /. on why consoles were good for poor people. And the idea was that the console games were many moret imes cost effective at providing entertainment than say a 2 hour movie at 9 dollars per person. When you can spend $40 (back then) dollars on a came and get 20 or more hours out of it, it was cheaper than any other form of entertainment.

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