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HP says Whitman's politics, and Romney support, are her own

dcblogs (1096431) writes | more than 2 years ago

Politics 0

dcblogs (1096431) writes "HP CEO Meg Whitman is out front in supporting Mitt Romney’s bid for the presidency. Her endorsements are on Romney’s web site, and she was the co-chair of a Silicon Valley fundraiser this week with tickets as high as $50,000, reported the San Francisco Chronicle. Whitman may be getting a pass from HP’s board in having to follow the company’s employee code of conduct regarding political activities. HP’s code states that employees are to "ensure that your individual political views and activities are not viewed as those of HP." Asked how HP reconciles Whitman's active support for Romney with its conduct guidelines, a company spokesman said that: "HP encourages our employees to participate in the affairs of the community. Meg Whitman's support of Mitt Romney is that of a private individual. HP has not taken a position in the current presidential election, and Ms. Whitman's support of Romney should not be interpreted as such." Outside observers see risks for HP. "There is no upside for an organization to have their CEO to be so prominently supporting one political candidate," said David Gebler, who is on the International Advisory Board of Suffolk University's graduate program in Ethics and Public Policy"
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