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Rights Holders See Little Point Creating Legal Content Sources

aesoteric (1344297) writes | more than 2 years ago

Piracy 1

aesoteric (1344297) writes "Six weeks after Hollywood lost a landmark internet piracy case in Australia, it appears the film studios have gone cold on the idea of helping develop legal avenues to access copyrighted content as a way to combat piracy. Instead, they've produced research to show people will continue pirating even if there are legitimate content sources available. The results appear to support the studio's policy position that legislation is a preferable way of dealing with the issue."
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bull$$$$ (1)

jupiter126 (2471462) | more than 2 years ago | (#40177663)

Dear copyright holder,

Your theory is bullshit: to stop piracy in a minute, the law should just accept that people (yes everybody) copies "things": make copying legal --> If it's not illegal, it's not piracy: problem solved. (This was bullshit too, I agree now we're even)

Of course people will continue to copy things, that's how parents teach their babies, that's what we have done for millions of years, Copying is how our species evolved, copying nature is how technology evolves today.

When copyright holders change their point of vue from a negative one ("we can't stop piracy") to a positive one ("let's increase revenue") - They might reach a new business model where there are copied a lot AND make revenues.
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