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Space Quest fans create retro adventure game to support new SpaceVenture

Decaffeinated Jedi (648571) writes | about 2 years ago

Classic Games (Games) 9

Decaffeinated Jedi writes "A team of fans has released a short retro point-and-click adventure game titled "Pledge Quest I: The SpaceVenture Adventure" to rally support for the new Kickstarter from Space Quest creators, the Two Guys from Andromeda. The game features its protagonist, Bea (named for Roger Wilco's love interest in the Space Quest series), completing a series of puzzles that culminate in her logging on to her computer and making a pledge in support of the upcoming sci-fi/comedy SpaceVenture game from the Two Guys. The "Pledge Quest" game was conceptualized and developed by fans in just a few short days, in hope that it would rally support for the Two Guys' SpaceVenture (which reaches its deadline on June 12)."
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Truly historical (1)

FroggyMe (2648979) | about 2 years ago | (#40241037)

This is quite possibly the first time fans have generated this level of content to support a KickStarter campaign. And what a great cause; if you help fund, you not only get a great game that already has cult-level legendary status (I mean, fans are making games! Heck, I've plastered my town with fliers promoting The Two Guys from Andromeda SpaceVenture KS), but you're helping to fund the creation of a studio that will create real adventure games for years to come. We have the chance to change history!!!

Dedication to the max! (1)

Jarikith (2648785) | about 2 years ago | (#40241063)

Truly shows the dedication of the fans, making a game to help promote the effort to raise the funds to get a game! How great is that of them? Answer: Awesomely great!

Blown away (1)

DisconnectD (2654047) | about 2 years ago | (#40241105)

I am absolutely flabbergasted at how good this little promotion game is. The humor, the style, the dedication is just phenomenal. It really makes me proud to be a Space Quest and Adventure game fan. Everybody needs to back this project so we can have this beautiful fanbase continue to thrive and we can once again be graced with the kind of hilarious and twisted space game that only Mark & Scott (The Two Guys) could make in this galaxy or the next!

Smells and tastes like a classic adventure game (1)

wormo (2645633) | about 2 years ago | (#40241169)

That was *amazing* for a few days work. Really captures the flavor of old adventure games, with appropriately silly responses for nonsensical actions.

Must mention that it played great on my 32-bit Linux, which is amazing as well, since the port was also accomplished in the last few days...

Re:Smells and tastes like a classic adventure game (1)

wormo (2645633) | about 2 years ago | (#40241185)

Must mention that it played great on my 32-bit Linux, which is amazing as well, since the port was also accomplished in the last few days...

Sorry that wasn't quite clear. The Linux port of AGS had gotten stale (see http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/acdload.htm [adventureg...udio.co.uk]), and one of the participating SpaceQuest fans got it updated over the last few days as part of this PledgeQuest effort.

Re:Smells and tastes like a classic adventure game (1)

DisconnectD (2654047) | about 2 years ago | (#40241589)

wormo: Would you do us all a solid and go over to any popular Linux forums you frequent like Phoronix or Ubuntu & Tout what you just said here? It could do wonders in bolstering our Linux backer support!

AGS Linux (1)

BeShaMo (996745) | about 2 years ago | (#40241711)

Worth noting that this revived the stale port of AGS for Linux.

Re:AGS Linux (1)

DisconnectD (2654047) | about 2 years ago | (#40241737)

Yes, Please if you are a Linux forum frequenter, spread the news there and at the Adventure forums the news that this effort also revived the stale and outdated Linux port of AGS! Thanks!
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