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Riot at Foxconn factory

Presto Vivace (882157) writes | more than 2 years ago

China 1

Presto Vivace writes "One Thousand Foxconn Workers Riot At Chinese Dormitory

A dispute of unclear origin sparked a riot at a Chinese Foxconn plant, in which as many as 1,000 workers participated. For two hours, the workers threw bottles at security and destroyed property in the plant’s dormitory area before ultimately being subdued with the help of local law enforcement.

Retribution will be swift and terrible. I can only assume that conditions in the factory must be very bad indeed."
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Nothing to be seen (1)

Lars T. (470328) | more than 2 years ago | (#40254855)

BBC report [] :

China Foxconn workers riot at Chengdu restaurant
Scores of workers from Foxconn, Apple's main manufacturer in China, have rioted after a dispute at a restaurant.
State media reported that the incident in Chengdu "was triggered by a conflict" between a group of workers and a restaurant owner.

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