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Dvorak blames Apple for his '07 call to kill the iPhone in its cradle

netbuzz (955038) writes | more than 2 years ago

Apple 0

netbuzz writes "Longtime tech pundit John Dvorak wasn’t the only one to predict that the iPhone would fail prior to Apple’s public release of the device on June 29, 2007, but he may have pushed the most chips into the center of the table with a column that carried this headline: "Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone ... Company risks its reputation in competitive business." Five years and a technological revolution later, Network World asked Dvorak – and seven others who called the iPhone’s future wrong – to explain their miscalculations. A few tried putting lipstick on the pig, a few simply copped to blowing it, and Dvorak devoted 500 words to laying the blame on Apple — and what he sees as a lapdog press corps – for making him speculate about a device he hadn’t held. “When I actually got to see the phone I was enthralled like everyone else,” he writes, “and regretted getting screwed over by the Apple ‘machine.’”

Full Dvorak at "Link to Original Source"

All 8 explanations here:"

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