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Firefox "privacy flaw" may be a bug in human behavior

Anonymous Coward writes | more than 2 years ago

Firefox 0

An anonymous reader writes "Firefox 13 recently introduced thumbnail images to the New Tab page — including images snapshotted from your HTTPS traffic. Security news sites made much of this as a "bug" and a "privacy flaw"; Mozilla said they'd fix it.

Here's an article which looks into the New Tab functionality in detail and cuts through the FUD we've had so far. The author argues that the "bug" is in our own behavior — our urge to keep far too much browser history, simply because it's convenient. He points out that the information in the new thumbnails has always been in the Firefox cache where it's easy enough to find, but now that it's even more obvious, people are freaking out. Instead they should just clear browser history on exit and be done with it."

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