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Documenting Network Devices

LoudMusic (199347) writes | more than 2 years ago

Databases 1

LoudMusic (199347) writes "One of the many tasks of a network administrator is documenting the network so that other members of the administration and support teams can find devices on the network. Currently my organization uses Excel spreadsheets to handle this, and it's invariably error ridden. We also save a new file with the date in the name each time an update is made.

I'd like to move this to a more intelligent database system, but the driving force for keeping it in spreadsheets is the ability to take the document offline, edit it, then upload this new revision to the file server when we have a connection again. Our clients often don't have reliable internet connections, especially when we're tearing their network apart and rebuilding it.

The information we're currently documenting about an individual device are; device name, device model, description, IP address, MAC address, physical location, uplink switch & port, and VLAN.

What tools exist that would allow us to have multiple users make updates both online and offline simultaneously, and synchronize changes into both the online and offline copies?"

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I don't see the problem (1)

mcgrew (92797) | more than 2 years ago | (#40567363)

Any database should be able to let you do that. Hell, even Access will (and I absolutely HATE Access but I have to use it at work. I miss FoxPro on the PC and Nomad on the mainframe)

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