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450mm plus EUV: has Moore's Law met its Waterloo?

ericjones12398 (2604021) writes | more than 2 years ago

Intel 1

ericjones12398 writes "Intel cemented the future of 450-millimeter wafer technology with a recent $4.1 billion investment in ASML, a leading provider of lithography machines for the semiconductor industry. The move helps share the cost of developing bigger silicon wafers that yield more chips. ASML was seeking equity partners to not only migrate from the current 300mm wafer standard, but also finance research for Extreme Ultraviolet technology, or EUV lithography. Intel aims to secure a 450mm prototype by 2015 and push next generation silicon hard enough to shake TSMC and GlobalFoundaries, its remaining rivals in the ever-expensive game of chip manufacturing."
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FMH's Law (1)

forbin_meet_hal (1448259) | more than 2 years ago | (#40662121)

"The death of Moore's Law has been, and will always be, five years from today."
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