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Valve Source Engine Running Faster on Linux than Windows

Anonymous Coward writes | about 2 years ago

Microsoft 1

An anonymous reader writes "And the saga continues at the Valve software. Not just Windows 8 is a catastrophe and Win-8 app store is a big threat to business. But, games runs much faster on Linux than Windows 7. This post discusses some of what Valve's Linux engineers learned about the performance of games running on Linux. They concluded that Linux is much faster and better to develop games. An OpenGL version of our game run faster than Direct3D on Windows 7. This is a great example of the benefits that are the result of close coordination between software and hardware developers and should provide value to the Linux community at large."

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Not just games. (1)

mcgrew (92797) | about 2 years ago | (#40856119)

I have an old HP and a new (under a year old) notebook. The notebook has a faster processor and more memory and runs Windows 7. The HP runs kubuntu, and is faster at everything except booting up than the Windows machine.

Speed is one of Linux's many advantages over Windows. Windows users should ask themselves why anyone would go to the trouble of installing Linux on a machine that already has a new OS -- the answer is, Linux is better in almost all ways. Photoshop for professionals; dearth of good games in Linux; Excel; and NetFlix are Windows' only advantages to Linux (depending on distro, of course. Some distros are terrible for desktop use). Useability, stability, and Windows' lack of features are the biggest reasons to switch to Linux.

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